Baela spit on the ground at Mora’s feet. “I bet you’d let old Horseface over there have a look at your ole axe wound if he asked, you stupid sow.”

Mora sneered. “So be it.” She held up the Twin Amulet and stared directly into your grouped faces. “You had your chance.” The amulet fell to the ground sideways, showing Baela’s tied and kneeling form as Mora took three slow paces towards her, raising a mirror-bright axe over her head.

There is a quick flash of light, and Baela’s head is parted from her shoulders.

The view from the Twin Amulet slowly starts to dim, and over the war whoops and screams of the innocent, you hear only Mora: “You are nothing but insects under my bootheel.”

Mora smashes Riotvaer in the face with the fist of the Bittersword, knocking him aside. “I don’t HAVE TIME to WASTE with you vermin!” She steps around him, then breaks into a sprint, headed for the infinite drop pit at the end of the hall.

Suspa looks around, seeing everyone still weary on their feet, and makes a decision: she dashes after Mora, daggers in her hands. As Mora slows to pass through the doorway, Suspa pauses, takes aim, and lets fly with both hands.

The first dagger misses by inches, slamming into the wooden door beyond Mora’s grasp. As Mora turns, snarling at this new interruption, Suspa’s second dagger hits home, sinking into Mora’s throat.

Mora chokes, caught entirely by surprise. Blood streams from her throat as she clutches weakly at the knife, sinking to her knees, and then collapsing to her side. As the light fades from her eyes, blood starts to run down the steps, dripping into the pit, and a light crimson rain starts to fall.

This is the main campaign page for the E2 Dice Nerds’ inaugural D&D campaign.

  • 4th Edition D&D, no modifications
  • Using 3.5e Forgotten Realms campaign setting
  • Using MapTool for gameplay

Humble Beginnings